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Safety & Legal

Be aware when buying and selling anything online, when meeting people you do not know.

Following are some tips for you :
  • Safe Buying/ Selling Online

    • Check the user’s profile and feedback

      • Read the ad carefully
      • Be aware of fake/ illegal goods
      • Do not give your personal information over the email
      • First see, check, try goods before paying money
      • Never let buyer go for a test drive alone
      • Never buy/ sell to foreign countries
      • Always meet in person
      • Do not give any deposits
      • Do not pay by Western Union, MoneyGram or other similar services
      • Do not trust people who ask to ship items for you/ them
      • Do not share your personal information via email & text messages
  • Selling Car

    • When you are placing ad to sell car:

      • Make it short and clear
      • Include all needed information about car (NCT, Tax, Mileage, ect.)
      • Add good quality pictures of exterior and interior of the car. When dealing with customer interested about your car:
      • Do not trust him/her if he/she wants to buy car without having seeing it.
      • Do not let customer go for a test drive alone
      • Do not give car’s registration documents without full payment

      When sale agreed make sure you provide all documents (handbook, registration documents, receipts which prove sale between you too) and keys.

  • Buying Car

    • When you are thinking about buying car take these helpful steps:

      • Read ad carefully
      • Check similar cars
      • Check seller/ dealer’s feedback
      • Check the vehicle's history on www.cartell.ie / www.wheelcheck.ie
      • Arrange test drive
      • Arrange to meet in public place at your suitable time
      • Ask seller/ dealer about: any crashes, major mechanical work has been done, body work has been done, previous owners, correct milege, outstanding finance, last full service carried out.
      • Check for any damage, wear, tear; look out for any leaks on the ground
      • Check all electric equipment working properly, how many airbags and is all in order, mileage, any holes in the floor, does it has spare wheel, full wheel replacement kit, vehicle identification number in engine the bay, any noises
      • Check documentation is matching with a car (cars sold before January 1, 1993, the relevant documentation is called the Logbook.For cars sold between January 1993 and May 2004, cars will have been issued with a Registration Certificate before being taxed, and a Licensing Certificate (RF101) after being taxed. The seller should be able to supply you with both of these documents. Cars sold after May 2004 will have a single document called a Vehicle Registration Certificate.)
      • Make sure you get all answers to your questions about the car in written proof.
  • Pets, Exotic And Other Pets Equipment Policy

    • Policy on animal listings
      • Pets put up for on RiteBuy must be vaccinated and checked by a vet.
      • Dogs and Cats must be at least 8 weeks old.
      • No Guard or Security dogs.
      • Rabbits must be at least 6 weeks old.
      • Guinea pigs, mice and rats must be at least 4 weeks old.
      • Birds must be self-sufficient.
      • No horse or pony ads where they have been broken or ridden under the age of three.
      • No "wanted" pet listings.
      • No “Christmas” pet listings.
      • No ads that involve shipping and delivery of Pets Equipment.
      • No "swaps" to be offered in RiteBuy’s Dogs category.
      • Only one type of animal per ad.
      • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

      Ensure that your ad is not breaching any laws and it is the responsibility of the advertiser that content advertised adheres to all RiteBuy’s policies. Failure to comply with any of our terms and conditions will result in removal of the ad.

    • Restricted dogs in Ireland

      Certain breeds (or crossbreeds) of dogs must be kept under strict control, including being securely muzzled and on a lead when in a public place. Only persons over the age of 16 are allowed to supervise these dogs in public. The restricted breeds are:

      • American Pit Bull Terrier
      • Bull Mastiff
      • Doberman Pinscher
      • English Bull Terrier
      • German Shepherd
      • Japanese Akita
      • Japanese Tosa
      • Rhodesian Ridgeback
      • Rottweiler
      • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

      So RiteBuy do not allow those breeds (or crossbreeds) to be advertised.

    • Exotic pets

      RiteBuy reserves the right to review and remove any ad for certain species in the Pets Equipment category. We do not feel our site is the best platform for all pets.

    • Guide to responsible pet ownership

      If you find any ads that you suspect to be a illegal or in breach of animal welfare laws, please contact your local authority, An Garda Siochana or the ISPCA. In Northern Ireland, please contact the USPCA.

      For more information:


  • Prohibited Items

    Anything what is illegal is not allowed on RiteBuy.

      • Airsoft guns/ammunition
      • Unauthorised / illegal wildlife products
      • Crossbows
      • Baby food
      • Beer Kegs
      • Calor Gas cylinders
      • Cigarette or nicotine replacements
      • Diet pills and gels
      • Digital currency trading
      • Domain names
      • Firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives and hazardous materials
      • Replica firearms and Air Rifles
      • Daggers, hunting knives and pocket knives
      • Fur
      • Prong or choke collars
      • Garda speed meter detectors
      • Hate materials
      • ID cards of any kind
      • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia
      • Illegal items
      • IMEI blocked Phones
      • Internet Service Provider Equipment
      • Irish Broadband Ripwave units
      • Irish Defence Forces Uniforms
      • Items that infringe upon an individual's privacy
      • Laser pointers > 5mW no greater than Class IIIa
      • Mentholated sprits
      • NTL/UPC Boxes
      • Offensive material
      • Order of Malta uniforms
      • Pirated software
      • Pirated video games
      • Pornography / erotic items/material
      • rescription drugs and medical devices
      • Promotional media
      • Recopied / Pirated media
      • Replicas of trademarked items
      • Sectarian or ethnic offensive materials are prohibited
      • Second hand underwear
      • Stolen goods
      • Television programs
      • Tobacco, wine and other alcoholic beverages
      • Used safety equipment
      • WiMAX Equipment

    Any ads found containing items above will be removed and banned to use RiteBuy.

    RiteBuy reserves the right to edit or delete ads from our site at anytime and without prior notice.